Commercial Voice Over

Kim Brown is known for a warm, friendly sound that gives the listener the feeling that she’s a long-time friend. But, when the job calls for a specialty character voice or a serious delivery, she’s got the goods! Ultimately, Kim Brown enjoys taking direction from producers who know what they want – and she can deliver!

Commercial Sound Clips


Home Depot: mp3

Seattle Opera: mp3

Tura for Men: mp3

Ericsson Wireless: mp3

Grease: mp3

Savings Bonds: mp3

Sheraton: mp3


Shh…: mp3

Waterford: mp3

New Orleans: mp3

Ding-Dong: mp3

Mature Lady: mp3

College Girl: mp3

Southern Bell: mp3

Happy Homemaker: mp3

Hoity-Toity: mp3